5 Films That Have Been Shot In The Copper Coast Area PART 1

The scenic beauty of the Copper Coast Geo Park area is the perfect backdrop to a dramatic film production.The spectacular landscape created by the unique geology and Geo-diversity of the area lends an air of timeless beauty and and continuous drama to the area.

Have a look at the list below to read about a few of the films which have been shot here.

1) Terror of Frankenstein (1976)


Terror of Frankenstein (1976) is an Irish-Swedish production directed by the Swedish filmmaker/jazz musician Calvin Floyd. The film is said to be one of the most faithful versions of the classic horror novel and focuses on the characters psychological development as opposed to gory images or nudity.

The eerie atmosphere present throughout the film was created by shooting in mostly cold, snowy landscapes. However, one of the scenes in the film was shot in the beautiful beach of Trá na mBó which is located in the Copper Coast area, and which is little known even to the locals.

Terror of Frankenstein is a slow-paced film as Floyd focuses on re-telling the original story by Shelley as accurately as possible. Although the budget for Terror of Frankenstein was slim, the good acting and production design make it well worth a watch. Click here to watch it now.

2) The McKenzie Break (1970)


The McKenzie Break (1970) is a war drama film directed by Lamont Johnson. The film tells the story of an intelligence officer Jack Connor investigating disturbances at a prisoner of war camp in Scotland. Connor believes that the disturbances are a cover for an escape attempt which prompts him to investigate more thoroughly and eventually crack the code used in letters by prisoners of war.

The McKenzie Break is based on the novel “The Bowmanville Break” by Sidney Shelley which described the partly successful escape of German prisoners of war from the Bowmanville Prison Camp in Ontario, Canada in 1943.

Although the film is set in Scotland, it was mostly shot in Ireland and the film is full of beautiful scenes of the Copper Coast area.  To view the film, click here.

See the original post on The Copper Coast Geopark Blog.


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