5 Films That Have Been Shot In The Copper Coast Area PART 2

Following on from our first selection, here are 3 more films and documentaries which were shot along the Copper Coast Geopark area. With such a spectacular variety of scenery available here, there should be many more than the five we have listed here!

3) Village by the Sea (2012)


Village by the Sea is a fascinating documentary about the New Zealand painter Edith Collier. The documentary focuses on the two summers that Collier and her friends spent painting and sketching in the small Irish village of Bunmahon in the years 1914 and 1915.

Village by the Sea was written and directed by Michael Heath and is in fact a sequel to his documentary about Collier’s life, “Edith Collier: A Light Among Shadows”.

Through interviewing local people with links to the past Heath unearthed genuine stories of the artist and her friends. It is from one of these interviews that we learn that upon her leave Collier took all her paintings and sketches with her back to New Zealand. As a result, her evocative work has never been exhibited in Ireland.

To learn more about Edith Collier visit the exhibition at the Copper Coast Geopark Visitor Centre or contact Edith Collier’s Bunmahon Heritage Society. Watch the full documentary here.

4) Down the Ladder (2016)


Down the Ladder is a silent short film that depicts a day in the life of a copper mining family. The film is set in the Copper Coast area in the 1800s and shows us the hardship that mining families suffered a couple of centuries ago.

Down the Ladder was written by Sean Corcoran and produced and directed by Angela Mulcahy and Sean Corcoran. The film went on to receive an award as the overall runner-up best film at the Waterford Film Festival.

Down the Ladder can be viewed in the Copper Coast Geopark Visitor Centre as well as online. You can also watch the behind the scenes here.

5) SISTERS (2016)


The short film SISTERS is a hauntingly mysterious film that follows in the footsteps of a young girl. The film was shot at the beautiful beach of Trá na mBó in the Copper Coast area.

The film was written and directed by Sean Corcoran and produced by Angela Mulcahy. You can watch the short film here.

See the original post on The Copper Coast Geopark Blog.


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